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Rewarding customers for sharing your product pages on Facebook is a great way to promote your items for sale. Here are steps to get a Facebook share button to appear on your shop and how to create a reward for your share button.

Enable Share Button

1) To enable Facebook rewards first go to Settings > Social Share Buttons and press "Enable".

2) Next create a Facebook app ID by visiting

3) In your Facebook app settings add your store's domain to "App Domains".

4) With your Facebook app ID place the following code into Themes > Edit Code > Sections > product-template.liquid

{% include 'achieveloyalty_social_buttons', facebook_id: 'your-facebook-id-here' %}
Why do I need to create a Facebook app ID?

Mainly to prevent against abuse. Having a facebook app ID allows us to use Facebook SDK features.

Create Facebook Reward

1) From the top navigation go to "Rewards"

2) On the top right select "New Reward"